Hamilton Road began in 2002 as a group of guys who would sing now and again at our church, located on Hamilton Road in Gahanna, Ohio. Early on God touched us with a desire to sing the Gospel Message. We found that by sharing our gift with churches, they would share their gifts of love and prayer with us. Singing the Gospel is as much a blessing for us as it is to those we sing for. 

We continue to work hard to perfect our music. We are always seeking new songs that touch us spiritually and speak to us artistically, but we also have a deep passion for those who came before us in gospel music and adore traditional southern gospel songs as well. We still practice at the same church where we all met. Hamilton Road may be where we started our journey, but it is certainly not where it will end.

Rick Hinkle (baritone)

Like the other guys, I was raised in a Christian home. Music was and still is, an important component of daily life, and getting to sing with  best friends is about as good as it gets!  One of the highlights of my childhood was going to concerts and seeing the people I'd only heard on Grandma's record player.  The main thing I remember from those days was how happy and uplifting the music was. The songs spoke of a personal relationship with God and the joy of serving Him. I've had many struggles in my daily walk, but the truths expressed in songs have sustained me many times. Music has a "healing power", and I believe it to be especially true of Gospel Music. My  hope and desire for the music we make is that it will touch people and highlight the saving power of Christ to all we come in contact with!

Trevor Dillinger (tenor)

I come from a very musical family.  My parents both sing very well and took me to gospel sings when I was just an infant.  Early on, I developed a strong desire to sing in a gospel group.  Today, I count it a distinct privilege to sing God's great music every chance I get.  I also count it a privilege to do so with three other men focused on giving our best for Him each time we sing.  God gave us all the gift of music.  We wish to share this music to all who will hear it.  I feel called by God to this specific ministry.  I know He blesses our efforts and I feel His presence surrounding and supporting us each time we sing.  I hope God will continue to use us to proudly proclaim the message of Christ in song for many years to come. To God be the glory!    

 Chad LeMay (lead)

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord”. I was raised in a Christian home and have been around gospel music my whole life, but didn’t fall in love with it until my freshman year of college. I believe this a tool that God still uses to reach His people today. An example of this is when I took our 10 year old son to a gospel concert and saw him get truly blessed by the words the group was singing. I consider it a gift from Him to be able to sing with these three God serving guys and consider it our mission to take His gospel to a world that is lost. I have been truly blessed by God with a loving wife of 12 years and three amazing red headed kids who are full of life and spunk. As we start a new chapter, my prayer is that God continues to bless this ministry as we take His love and message down the roads He would have us go.