what others are saying about HRQ...


"I thoroughly enjoyed Hamilton Road's performance. Tight harmonies, great personalities, good hearts! Even better than what they do on stage is that they are REAL around the dinner table as well. I know you'll enjoy them!" -- Shannon Smith, Three Bridges

"Shepherd Nazarene recently had Hamilton Road Quartet for an evening concert. We had an amazing night! We don’t have Sunday PM worship, but HRQ nearly filled our sanctuary—in the summer no less!  Many groups can sing, but when great talent is surpassed by a heart for God, something special happens. HRQ helped us meet with Jesus and we’ll never be the same.  Thanks guys." -- Sam Barber, Sr. Pastor, Shepherd Nazarene

"What a joy it was to have the Hamilton Road Quartet with us here at High Street Nazarene. Wow! What talented guys. Their spirit, their voices, and their choice of songs were a real blessing to our folks. We can't wait for them to come back!" -- Pastor Bret Layton, Roanoke First Church of the Nazarene

"Please allow me to recommend Hamilton Road to you. You will enjoy their sound, their tight harmony, and their variety. Most of all, you will enjoy their spirit, their love of music, and their love for the Giver of the music. As their pastor, I can personally attest that these guys have a walk with Christ and are each involved in the ministry of their local church. I can give no greater commendation that to let you know that their home church loves them, supports them, appreciates them, and contains their greatest fans, including me." -- Dr. Edward L. “Eddie” Estep, District Superintendent for South Carolina Church of the Nazarene